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AES Meetup: Minimum Viable Product experiencias

Ayer estuvimos Pilar y yo en el Meetup organizado por el grupo Agile Entrepreneurship Spain.

En este evento, varios emprendedores contaban sus experiencias construyendo su MVP. Cada uno de ellos se encontraba en distintas fases de desarrollo con su producto, por lo que resultó enriquecedor ver diferentes puntos de vista.

Uno de los momentos más interesantes del debate se produjo a raíz de una pregunta de Pilar sobre si habían pensado la estrategia para monetizar su producto y si ya lo estaban haciendo. Resultó curioso ver cómo sorprendió la pregunta ya que hasta ese momento no se había hablado sobre ese tema.

Desde nuestra experiencia, entendemos el MVP como el mínimo conjunto de funcionalidad necesaria que tiene que tener tu producto para ganar dinero. Desde el primer momento, tu producto tiene que estar enfocado a generar ingresos, es la manera más rápida de reducir la incertidumbre sobre si tu modelo de negocio es viable.

Por último, me quedo con una reflexión que Abel Muiño hizo al finalizar la presentación de Zoomry:

Construir algo. No os centréis en vender una idea sino en vender un producto.

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ellas 2.0 roundtable

Yesterday I had the honor to participate as an investor in the roundtables event organized by ellas 2.0.

In this event different entrepreneurs, with an idea or a running business, present it to a group of investors that will give feedback to the startups.

A common theme that I saw in many of these presentations and business ideas was the fear of shipping. Let me explain that a little bit.

You have an idea and you have the will to transform that idea into a reality. That is a great step already. You ask some friends and family (hopefully the most critical amongst them) to validate, at this very early stage of your ideation what they think (you never know, you might have gone totally insane).

At this point most people will tell you to do some market research to get some numbers and get a feel of how plausible the idea really is and how much market you’ll be able to target with it.

Although this is not, per se, a bad idea (it is always good to know if you are the only person in the world who would like to see a business like that in the world), I think it is a waste of your time and resources (money) most of the time.

You see, having the idea is the least of your problems, I have many many times a day, you must transform that idea into a reality as soon, as cheap as it takes.

You can only validate an idea when your target market can play with it!

Sadly many entrepreneurs don’t act that way. They are careful, they try to validate every single step they do before they do it. Being overly cautious is not a good idea when talking business, it will lead you nowhere, or at the very best will make you give up or burn your available investment in no time.

No matter if the idea is great or not, not shipping will render your idea useless!

My advice to most people with an idea is to go ahead and do it (unless it is a really crazy one; although sometimes those crazy ideas happen to be the most interesting ones). Having a startup, trying to bring an idea to live, is a hard business.

You have to set yourself up to fail as fast as you can with the validation of real usage and not by theorizing about it.

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tripku: a new startup on the path to success

A few weeks ago we launched tripku, the project we have been working on with the marvelous team from tripku.

We worked initially on the project for about three weeks at the end of last year adding the missing functionality to the application Beatriz had been working on by herself.

We will be reporting more on the details about that project soon (we are currently revamping our website). What I wanted to talk about in this post is about entrepreneurs, specially the ones that go through the pain of working on their dreams to make them happen.

There are not many people like Bea that decide not only that they want to launch a new business, but that go and learn a whole bunch of new technologies to make their dream come true. You see, Bea had been a developer long ago, but she quit that space to dedicate it to other things that interested her.

Then one day she decides to start a new business and while doing so decides to learn Ruby and Rails to make her dream come true.

People like Bea are not afraid of leaving the known and embark on a new adventure. They step outside of their confort zone and move forward; step by step.

I wish there where more people like her, that know that with a little investment and a lot of effort you can reach out for your dreams and bring them closer to you.

What have you done recently to make your dreams come true?